A Day in the Life of a Case Study

Posted by: Faith

After being at Rawlingson Lane for over a month, it was time to experience my first ever case study. Nerves and excitement filled me on the rainy November morning that greeted Andy, Niall, me, and Keith (our photographer) as we made our way to a small unit converted into a fully equipped catering kitchen, for Devine Betty’s in Northamptonshire. Devine Betty’s consists of catering duo, Emma and Liz, who offer an incredible catering service for private dinner parties and corporate lunches to lavish weddings, events and even the occasional artisan market. The reason for our visit was to interview, film and photograph them using a product that they rely on everyday supplied by one of our clients.

As we arrived, the girls were already getting stuck into what they do best; preparing masses of delicious food including quiches, sausage rolls and all sorts of pastry creations. It was great to finally see our clients’ products in use and the versatility that the products offer. Liz and Emma develop lots of tasty and unique combinations using Pidy pastry to its fullest; including their famous sausage rolls, seasoned with sage, onion & nutmeg – through to their stilton & pear quiches and chocolate ganache tarts. It was any foodies dream as we were welcomed by the delicious smells wafting through the kitchen, before getting to watch them create numerous delicious treats. It was strangely therapeutic and being able to have a little taste of their creations was even better! Niall and Keith began to set up all of their equipment to get footage and images of Emma and Liz as they continued to prepare their spread for their next event. The day was interspersed with Andy interviewing Liz and Emma all about Devine Betty’s, while I rushed to make notes in the corner.

I think the reason this case study was so successful and such a great first experience was because we were able to capture Emma and Liz in their real element; there was nothing staged or artificial, it was just a genuine performance of how the girls work day to day, using our clients’ products. I think the location was quite unusual to other case studies and could have been challenging because space was quite limited. However, Niall and Keith both got incredible shots of the preparation of the food and also the amazing final outcomes of the products. It became clear that the location was perfect and that Pidy & Devine Betty’s make a great pair. The creative and flavoursome fillings made using the finest, seasonal ingredients matched the delicious, buttery authentic taste of Pidy Pastry perfectly. Once the day was over, it was down to us to pull everything together from a PR perspective; us writing up the case study, Keith editing the images and Niall creating a short video of the day. Overall, everything went smoothly and the client was delighted with the outcome. Not only is the content brilliant from a PR point-of-view and helpful for me in getting to grips with the ins and outs of case studies, but it was a great opportunity to learn more about how caterers use our clients’ product day to day. I gathered lots of ideas which has already proven incredibly helpful when writing content.